Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weblogic Portal interview questions - II

The following are the Portal interview questions that ive used or kept or have been asked(in no particular order , and no answers either :) )
I do not include questions (e.g. what is a nested pageflow) that can be answered with Google.
Also see Weblogic Portal interview questions - I
  • What options do you have for Single Sign On for a Weblogic Portal application (and in general). Give the advantages and disadvantages of each approach
  • If you are using WSRP, and the user is logged in to the consumer , is he also logged into the producer? If so how? If not how do you do this?
  • If you have standard static HTML application, how would you optimise this for performance? For each of the technique's you mention , how would this be implemented in Weblogic Portal
  • How do you ensure that a Weblogic Portal application is easily Searchable by external search engines like Google
  • What are serious problems/ drawbacks of JSR 168/ JSR 286. Under what circumstances would you not use these for your portlet implementation? Under what circumstances would you use these for your portlet implementation?
  • Why is asynchronous desktop a bad idea? In what situations does it become a good idea?
  • What circumstances can cause issues with Portal Propagation. Would you use propagation in your actual production? If not , why not?
  • How would you integrate Flex / Any flash based widget into your portal application?


Simran said...

Please provide the answers for the same :-)

Deepak Shetty said...

No :). Please attempt to answer the questions by implementing some code in the area of the question. If you have difficulties there then we can discuss those issues.

Suresh said...


I have a question. Assume I have a page with as many 9 portlets. Do you know on what particulare order these portlets will be rendered in weblogic portal?


Deepak Shetty said...

@Suresh - the portlet on which the action is targetted 's code(e.g. Pageflow) is executed first , the rest of the code can be in any order(and you arent supposed to rely on it, the order should be the same as that of placeholders in the layout). If you referring to JSP rendering , then they will be in the order thats specified in the layout.

More importantly you shouldn't have to rely on it.(except that the one on which the action is raised is rendered first)
Questions are better asked on
you are likely to get better answers :)

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