Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Weblogic Portal interview questions

The following are the Portal interview questions that ive used or kept or have been asked(in no particular order , and no answers either :) )
I do not include questions (e.g. what is a nested pageflow) that can be answered with google.
Also see Weblogic Portal interview questions - II
  • In what situations can you not use a UUP ?. What factors determine choosing a UUP?
  • What are the different techniques you can use for Inter Portlet Communications?. What are the pros and cons of each technique?.
  • Would you choose 1 desktop with entitlements or multiple desktops? Why?
  • What are the options for security in Weblogic Portal?
  • Can you change a LookAndFeel at runtime ?, if so what are the alternatives?
  • What is the impact of using AJAX in a portlet (out of the box or otherwise)?
  • Why should pageflow variables be serializable?
  • If your using a file repository for content and you have a webserver in front of the application servers who serves the static files?
  • When do you use the refresh action?
  • What happens if the validate method of your form bean throws an exception
  • How do you use the struts validation framework with BEA pageflows?
  • The BEA pageflow documentation mentions that there is only 1 current pageflow. And that the current pageflow is destroyed when a new one is accessed. is that accurate?
  • What all features should a screen scraping portlet possess?

To be continued...


Suresh S. a.ka. Suri said...

Hi Deepak,

I happened to visit your blog when I was searching on the topic 'Are pageflow variables in a Java Pageflow controller of a portal thread safe?'.

I have a question here. When a pageflow variable is used in a controller, is the data held by the pageflow variable shared between two requests? Since the pageflow variables are instance variables of a controller, I presume that it is shared.

Please clarify. Also share with us how when to use them and when to avoid them.

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.

Thanks & regards,
Suresh S

Deepak Shetty said...

Sorry I just noticed this now since I didn't have comment notifications .
Anyway since I always answer a question with a question
a. Are session variables thread safe(and when do you actually come across scenarios when this is a problem)?
b. When should you use session variables and when should you avoid them