Thursday, May 27, 2010

Updated JEE Interview Questions - Draft

What are the various way's to handle exceptions in a web application. What would you use when. Demonstrate with examples from any project you have worked on
What are the various way's you have implemented security in your web application. Also mention alternatives that can be used
Which framework have you used. Please describe the shortcomings in the framework and the ways to work around them
What is the difference between a static include, jsp:include, jsp:forward and redirect. Please give one example of each.
Describe some Tag Libraries you have written. What are advantages / disadvantages of tag library. If possible give an example of a badly written open source JSP tag library(or any of your own) and how you would improve it.
Give one example of when you would use a filter. How do you execute a filter after the request?
Give one example of when you would use a listener. Which listeners have you used in your project?
Besides defining servlets , name one feature that can be specified in the web deployment descriptor
Name JSP implicit object. Give one example of the use of each implicit object. Is exception an implicit object? If so can i write exception.printStackTrace in any JSP? what will it print?
Comment whether a JSP web application works with cookies disabled.
Which web container did you use. Please describe how to use a container specific feature.
Describe some JSTL tags you have used and what they are useful for
How do you use a datasource in a JSP?
How do you internationalize a web application. What all do you need to take care of

How do you implement security in an EJB . Why does the framework provided security not work in most real world scenarios? (or does it?)
If an MDB throws an Exception what happens to the message?
If an EJB has two methods M1 and M2 both with RequiresNew and M1 makes a call to M2 by calling it (because M2 is a method in the same class) how many transactions are there?
What limitations are

Lets say you want to execute a query and show some data. Walk through the steps to do this in Raw JDBC.
What do you prefer using of the following and why? CMP/JDO/ORMs (like hibernate/toplink)/SQL helpers (like Spring/iBatis)/Raw SQL?
In the context of ORM what is lazy loading/eager load. What do you use in your project? Why? What factors determine what is to be used.
Your ORM based system is slow. How would you diagnose the problem?
Why is pessimistic locking not useful in a web-application (or is it?)

Say you have a queue. The Producer can produce messages much faster than the consumer can consume. What are your options?

Give any example where you have used JMX

Given a large data set , what options do you have for displaying this dataset. Which one do you prefer and why?
Suppose you are tasked to implement an AJAX based system where the user types in a word in a search box and you want to show him possible queries (e.,g. in Google if you type dee you get deepak chopra or deepika padukone)in a drop down , what considerations would you have in implementing the AJAX parts of the client (Assume that you have a server side component that can give you the results)
If you want Google to search your site easily , what do you need to take care of in your web app

You have a clustered J2EE web application. You need to batch process a file which has a billion records. Each record is independent . How do you do it?
You have a table which has UserID (primary key) and UserName. The requirement is to display this in a drop down box on a page so that the user will select the name but the value posted to the next page will be the userid. The data displayed must be sorted by username. The DB developer asks you what data structure he needs to return the results in. What is your answer? Assuming that you get this data structure , is there any comment you wish to make on your implementation?
Name a few design patterns that you see being used in the Java API with examples.

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