Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Simplified procedure for Syncing Embedded LDAP with Weblogic Portal Database

a. Shut down servers
b. On the admin server, backup the LDAP directory \servers\AdminServer\data\ to another location
c. Delete the internal LDAP directory at \servers\AdminServer\data\ldap (also from managed
servers if applicable)
d. Delete data from the p13n entitlement tables (delete from tablename)
( namely p13n_entitlement_role, p13n_entitlement_resource,p13n_entitlement_policy, p13n_entitlement_application and p13n_delegated_hierarchy )
e. Start the servers
f. Redeploy the application
g. Recreate the SAML relying party configuration
h. Recreate Entitlements

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