Saturday, May 21, 2005

Youth And Responsibility

Its obvious to anyone who thinks about such things that the only hope for the future are the youth. The big picture aside, lets look at youth only in the context of the workplace. Its also painfully evident that no one trusts the young trainees just out of the trainee program.
We are of course polite. They dont have enough experience we say, we cant risk it - what if they screw up on production?. We(the experienced people, the guys who have seen it all) can't spend all our time reviewing what the trainees are delivering. In other words it is easy to find rational arguments which prevent us from delegating responsibility/tasks to the young 'uns.
The plain truth is that we don't trust them. Or we trust that they will screw up.
Which is a sorry state of affairs.
I need to break out of this mental block . And I think I'm still someone who trusts the younger people around him a lot more than others.
But it has to improve

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