Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Anarchist Management Model

One of the things that keeps occupying my thoughts these days is how much that we learn from life can be applied to our work.
One of the major problems in work can be summarised as Management. Most non managers would not hesitate in calling Management evil , and only perhaps were we really feeling charitable would we call Management a necessary evil. But Managment persists as a practice , even worse you have younger generations(am i really this old?) growing up wanting to be managers. You have people joining the project stating that they want a management role.
As such I'm against all sorts of management in principle. I think this has to do with the fact that as a form of governance I prefer Anarchy. And currently Management is a pseudo democratic dictatorship. You dont really have a say on who is your manager (hence a sort of dictatorship) but perhaps results /feedback can get the manager removed.
Id like to see a project where people take responsibility for their actions. Divide the work amongst themselves based on their competencies. Set targets for themselves and meet them. Resolve their problems without needing outside intervention.
Could it Happen ?

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