Sunday, January 10, 2010

Aggregate Graphs in JMeter using JFreeChart (3D Bar Charts) with thresholds

Borrowed heavily from the demos in JFreeChart, I've modified the previous samples to also support taking in a threshold value for response. Values less than the threshold are shown in Green Bars, values greater are shown using Red Bars. The threshold is also drawn.

Sample Images

Sample Code
    public static void writeAggregateChartWithThreshold() throws Exception {
File f = new File(JMETER_RESULT_FILE);
ResultCollector rc = new ResultCollector();
AggregateChartVisualizer v = new AggregateChartVisualizer(ConfigUtil
+ "/AggregateChartThreshold",true,500);
ResultCollectorHelper rch = new ResultCollectorHelper(rc, v);
XStreamJTLParser p = new XStreamJTLParser(f, rch);

Source code available here

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