Sunday, November 19, 2006

More straws
From the inventor of scrum
(Disclaimer i am working in a CMM Level 5 company and its possible indeed probable i am biased)
So the agile management folks see value in CMM level 5 principles. After all what could be incorrect about
Level 1 - Uncertainty. Success depends on individual effort.
Level 2 - Awakening. Basic project management practices are established.
Level 3 - Enlightenment. Standard process throughout organization.
Level 4 - Wisdom. Detailed metrics are collected and evaluated.
Level 5 - Certainty. Continuous process improvement via metrics feedback.
Wouldnt everyone want to be level 5 , certain their project succeeds?
But isnt agile about people above process?
Doesnt agile tacitly imply that if the people arent good no process is going to save anything?
Certainly there isnt anything in agile that forbids collection of metrics and forbids improvement. Indeed doesnt the automation of everything in sight actually allow you to do this.
But but but and herein lies the problem, the practice of collecting metrics is so perverted (see the timesheets which have a task called filling in timesheet) that almost always means that people will fudge it.
It also looks like agile management consultants have discovered there is money to be made by coaching people to be agile scrum cmmi pcmm bs577 compliant. Or whatever.
So will the agilisits be enlightened? Does a standard process have more value than a tweaked one? Whatever happened to the these are guidelines and must be changed for your project, use whatever works for you?

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Maria Goveas said...

You really don't like agile do you?